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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
– Unknown

There are some greats things that are happening right here in the city of Memphis! Amongst those are several organizations whose purpose is to provided hope and value to the lives of students in some of our more underserved neighborhoods. SOUL wanted to take a little time to give a glimpse into some of the events and activities in an attempt to bring more awareness to some of the awesome ministries in our great city and display some of the amazing things that they are doing.


The Binghampton Development Corporation is doing some amazing things in Memphis’ Binghampton community. Filling up their offerings with educational and outreach events, the Carpenter Art and community gardens, a chess club, and even a youth Hip Hop Dance club, the BDC definitely has a wide array of opportunities to get involved in.

Two of the these opportunities are their Early Childhood and Cornerstone Prep Support programs. The Early Childhood program focuses focus on the health and safety of the home and kindergarten readiness while the Cornerstone Prep Support focuses on in-school character development classes, one-on-one mentoring and After School Programs at Cornerstone Prep’s Lester Campus.

To get involved with what the BDC is doing, contact JD Wilson: jd@bdcmemphis.org


STREETS Pathways

Streets has a thriving and dynamic outreach to over 1,200 underserved students with the goal of  providing them the opportunity to see, hear, and respond to the Good News of the Gospel, and to be empowering them to live a life of obedience to God. One of the ways Streets is empowering the youth that walk through their door is though Pathways, its education based mentorship program.

In Pathways, mentors come alongside middle school and high school students to work one-on-one through a curriculum which focuses on specific goal-oriented objectives, as well as providing accountability, support and cultural exposure. Each pair meets at least once a week, but the goal of Pathways is that a deeper relationship between the mentor and student is formed through recreational, academic and spiritual involvement.

To get involved with Streets’ Pathways program, contact John Cowherd or Kelechi Ordu: john@streetsministries.org; kelechi@streetsministries.org


Serving Memphis with a multitude of services, Agape’s Powerline Community Network was launched as a response to the need in Memphis for service to local residents in under-resourced communities. One of Agape’s Powerline programs, E3 is E3 is an after-school group mentoring model that focuses on improving educational attainment, enrichment and empowerment of those served.
Agape is looking for volunteers to be a part of this effort which will result in healthy, success-driven students.  Volunteers will be placed with 3rd and 4th graders at their facilities in designated apartments in Whitehaven and Hickory Hill.

To get involved with Agape’s E3 program, contact Lori Humber: lori.humber@agapemeanslove.org


On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:00PM, Downtown Church hosts CITY Builders, an after-school program for 1st-5th grade students, at Streets Ministries’ Downtown location with the desire to develop in their students strong hearts and minds for God and their city. During the time, the students are taught 300 sight words that make up 65% of all printed material and assisted with homework.

Following the instructional time, CITY Builders becomes CITY Club, a high energy, fun-filled outreach event where kids play games, listen to a Gospel centered talk, and then apply what they’ve learned through enrichment activities such as art, Bible verse memorization, dance, gym time, and a variety of educational and “just-for-fun” games.

To get involved with Downtown Church’s CITY Builders program, contact Lucy Berry: lucy@downtownchurch.org


OASIS Pathfinders

Oasis of Hope looks to provide enough love, encouragement, and support that students need to grow and become what God has created them to be. Using outreach and education programs, Oasis provides several opportunities to get involved, hoping to effect students’ lives in a way that will impact the future of their neighborhoods through impacting their futures. Three of their opportunities are the Life Builders High School Group, Pathfinders, Read 2 Succeed, and Warrior Princesses Girls Club

Their Life Builders High School group establishes a safe community where these teens can go to learn how God’s Word will empower them. Pathfinders looks to provide spiritual development and encouragement that middle school students by providing mentors for students who are at a critical age in their lives. Their Read 2 Succeed program is a one-on-one reading enrichment program where volunteers are matched with a child with the intent to read together each week. And the Warrior Princesses Girls Club is designed for girls, ages 9-12 years old, living in an urban, underprivileged environment and focuses on teaching them life skills and spiritual development that will empower and benefit them for years to come. Girls will learn important lessons on health/fitness, self defense, healthy cooking, basic sewing, etc.

To get involved with any of Oasis of Hopes programs, contact Kathleen McDonald: Kathleen@oasis-of-hope.com

These are only a few of the hundreds of opportunities to connect with the youth of our city in ways that youth can feel relevant and related to.

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