Training Program


Weekly Classes

Classes are designed to instruct SOUL Fellows in the elements of youth outreach ministry as well as to inspire and challenge them in the context of Christian community.

Some of the topics we cover in class include:

  • Strategies in contact work 
  • Effective Communication of the Gospel to Young People
  • Program Creation and Program Management
  • Personal and Professional growth 
  • Data and Assessment Tools
  • Education in Memphis

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions are designed to provide the Fellows with an opportunity to further examine topics discussed in class, according to their specific ministry context. Because we invite outside facilitators to lead some of these sessions, the Fellows also have more opportunities to connect with experts of their field.

Individual Meetings

The purpose of individual meetings is to work with Fellows in completing objectives set by both SOUL and their particular ministries. In this way, we seek to challenge and encourage them as leaders in the community.

Site Observation Visits

The purpose of site visits is to get a glimpse of the Fellow’s work in real time. We desire to not only know, but to see the unique elements of each outreach position, so as to address specific needs of the Fellow according to their unique ministry environment.