About Our Partners

SOUL serves with numerous partners all over the city of Memphis and surrounding areas. Our goal is to resource each of those partners with a high talent potential leader who over the course of the two-year program will maximize the efforts of that organization generally or through a particular program or campaign. Therefore, if we do our job well, the organizations will change from year to year as need determines and our interns provide for those needs. Below you will see some of the partners we are working with this year to give you an idea of the diversity of options for our interns and partner organizations.


Binghampton Development Corporation

The BDC has the opportunity to partner with Cornerstone Prep and come along student and their families by providing support through early childhood education programming and mentoring for elementary and middle school students.


RedZone seeks to serve students and families in the Orange Mound community because they believe it is a place where a measure of God’s common grace and holistic ministry should and can be extended. They do this through building relationships with students and their families as well as facilitating dynamic, gospel-centered, after school programming that is readily accessible to the young people of the community.


Oasis of Hope
Oasis of Hope has been serving the North Memphis community since 2002. A large part of the work being done in the community is with the young people in the neighborhood. Oasis believes, “If our youth in the community are growing in their faith, leadership, education and employment skills, then they will be equipped to change their world! Our ministries emphasize these areas of a child’s development, and we also hope to provide the love, encouragement, and support that they need to grow and become all that God has created them to be. The future of our neighborhood will look different than the past, because the future of our kids looks different than the generations before.”


Downtown Church
Downtown Church exists to glorify God by creating a radical new community that molds loving disciples of Jesus through the power of the gospel through serving the downtown and South Memphis areas with their outreach and education programs.


STREETS Ministries
STREETS’ aim is to Engage, Encourage, & Empower impoverished youth in some of Memphis’ toughest neighborhoods through a wide range of educational, athletic, and mentor based programming. To that end, STREETS provides the facilities, staff, and programming to address both the immediate and long term needs of the students we serve.


Las Americas
Las Americas is a ministry that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students and families through serving Memphis’ Hickory Hill neighborhood schools and Latino American community with in-school and afterschool educational programs, mentoring, and outreach events,